Wednesday, 1 August 2012

France lining my cupboards!

Yesterday was spent cutting up an old  road atlas of France.  The purpose of this was to line my new glasses cupboard in my kitchen.

I love the look of maps and I justified cutting up the atlas because,
1-  Its dated 1993.
2 - We don't own a car anymore.
3 - We certainly won't be doing a walking tour of France in the near future!

I cut out the shapes and stuck it all down with a light spray of display mount.
I was so pleased with the result that I moved onto my dresser and that was mapped too!

Et voila!


Caroline said...

like it!
Can I suggest a coat of waterbased varnish over the top - to preserve it?

Laura B said...

Yes most probably a wise move!

Janine said...

I also love maps, and I LOVE this idea. It looks so pretty. You are so clever and I wish I had your energy!

makey vicky said...

You are so clever!

Laura B said...

Thanks Janine x

Laura B said...

Just like you Makey Vicky - knitting genius!

Julia said...

Beautiful... I love this. A simple and effective idea... I just adore those colours too. xxxx

Laura B said...

I know map colours are lovely. I would love to do something with doilies now. X