Sunday, 12 August 2012

Mystery man

The holidays are truly in swing and really I am ashamed to say the not much illustration has been done! A massive clear out of my 8 year old room has taken 3 days but the results were worth it.  Five bags taken to the local charity shop and many bags put in the rubbish bin.  The clearing spread to other rooms in my house and discoveries were made.  The photo shown was found in my dressing table drawer.  I love this photo I found it in a junk shop in East Finchley many years ago.  It cost me 10p and I love the informal very natural pose.  Most probably taken in the 1920's, he looks so relaxed and happy. A very contented face I think and who is the person taking the photo?  A lover, a friend who knows, I will never find out.  A snapshot of someone's life frozen in a sepia toned photo.

Today I made a trip up to High Barnet with my youngest.  When getting off the bus we walked the same route to the local shops that we always do.  The route has always been fun as local artist Ben Wilson's chewing gum artwork was always something to spot on the pavement. Recently the area has been newly paved over and to our dismay all of these small artworks had gone.  But just past the newly paved area today a new one was spotted - hooray!!  Ben Wilson is a artist who creates something unique from something very mundane.

Lastly just one illustration to show (very rough). Done last night while watching the Olympics on TV.  My eldest and our cat Eno who love each other very much!

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