Monday, 30 July 2012

The Magnificent Olympic Park

Creatively wise not much to show.  My desk space is just a mass of rough pencil sketches which hopefully will develop into something worth showing and printing soon.

The Aquatic Centre
After the truly wonderful Olympic opening ceremony on Friday (what a visual delight!), Mr B, my girlies and me went to visit the Olympic Park the next day.  We were so lucky with the weather, not a drop of rain.  We were greeted with constant smiles from the many volunteers, soldiers who are working at the park.  The park itself is magnificent. The first building you pass is the Aquatic centre, I love this building. A beautiful design by Zaha Hadid, designed before London had even secured the Olympic bid back in 2004.

The Stadium

The Velodrome
The Velodrome with its sweeping roof is dramatic.  But the most beautiful thing about the park is the meadows of beautiful flowers scattered everywhere. Mr.B and myself remember the area pre-olympic bid and its hard to work out where certain places were before.

We spent the whole day at the park from 10am till 9pm.  We managed to get tickets to see the ladies basketball a sport that I know nothing about but still the atmosphere of being in a stadium is electric and you cannot help but be drawn in.

A colourful walkway.

A wonderful day and I have to say I feel, like many others very proud of London 2012 but to be honest I wouldn't expect anything less from such a great city!

Recycled doors of old London telephone boxes


makey vicky said...

Oh wow! Love the flowers! I'm really looking forward to visiting soon for the Paralympics.

Laura B said...

You will love it, we are going agin for the Paralympics too x