Thursday, 3 May 2012


A strange uncreative week really.  I didn't have much time to sit down and create which is always very frustrating.  Also after sending the designs to the thermo fax screen company I was disappointed to be told the designs were not suitable as they were too, "fussy".   They needed to be more simple with cleaner lines to avoid bleeding.  I find it hard to do simple designs!   Also my dear friend Julia discussed with me the possibility of exhibiting my work at the Nellie Dean in Dean Street, Soho.  Available space from the end of May.  I don't think I could be ready for the end of May (panic seeping in just thinking about it!) So I have done the classic Laura thing of avoidance so not to face the problem (sorry Julia for not getting back to you about this X). When will I feel ready - most probably if I'm honest mid - late summer.

Anyway back to the thermo screens I managed to illustrate this, in between re painting floorboards (a true avoidance task!). Yes a simple design. Okayed by Claire, "perfect to be made into a thermo screen".
YAY - onwards and upwards.  Julia I will be in touch X


Holly. c said...

I've never really had a look at your blogs, but I have to say, they're really interesting and inspirational! From now on, I'm going to have a look at all your blogs for more inspiration!

Lamb and Fox said...

Thank you Holly, to know that my blog has been read by and enjoyed by at least one person is wonderful. Wow to inspire someone too thats pretty special x

Pippi said...

Had to laugh at painting floorboards as the perfect avoidance task. It could have been worse: you could have been eating a barrel of cake and bisquit instead!
On a more positive note: sometimes those 'wasted' days hide a lot of fruitful mental activity. In my experience whilst you are busy with menial tasks your brain ponders on what has been troubling you, and presents you with a solution which eems to have appeared from nowhere. You will see, next week you will feel much more upbeat and confident and you will know what to do.

I saw this last week and made me think about you, your love for London and your self-printing intentions and linocuts etc. You could do something like this and more. You are def on the right track. Remember even the most established artists doubt themselves!

and a review here

I got one and has arrived yesterday. It is fab. You can come and look at it anytime.