Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thanking and thinking

A few hours spare on Monday and Tuesday to illustrate a thank you card to send to friends and family who gave me lovely birthday gifts.

A selection is shown below.  Particularly looking forward to reading Spitalfields Life.  The lovely Paris notebooks are already in use.  I know lots of people use the notes page on their phone or iPad but I still prefer pen to paper for notes!  A lovely brooch by Stockwell designs which adorns my mac.  Beautiful hair slides too.  I also got some cash which will go towards the much needed camera fund!

The other card I had to unfortunately illustrate was for Muriel a dear lady who Mr B and I met on our honeymoon 13 years ago.  Her husband Ken died last Friday after a long illness.  We didn't get to see much of them as they lived in Sunderland but we have always kept in touch with cards and phone calls.  We have very fond memories of Ken and Muriel who were the "life and soul" on the little boat we were traveling on around the Greek Islands with.

Rest in peace Ken Royal x

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