Sunday, 8 July 2012

Its been a while

Well it has been a long time since my last blog.  What have I been doing in that time? Creativity - mainly working on my latest commission that has been a bit of a stop, start affair.  Two free days a week get quickly filled with my daughters sports day, orthodontic appointments, making three cushion covers for a friend and the usual major de-cluttering of the house which is a constant battle! Nevertheless it's almost finished.  Cinzia (the client) wanted a few of the leaves coloured olive green and the names to have a little silver on them, I will complete these little bits this week. Cinzia requested an olive tree and the sun in her picture, she is from Italy so perfectly apt. All the names of her nearest and dearest amongst the branches.  The latin words at the bottom I added, which mean family, together, forever.

I've been looking into card printing companies again.  I have found a company that seem reasonable but again I find the scanning of the images so difficult.  The colours never look right on the screen, so an on going challenge for me.  I would gladly do a course in "scanning for printing" if one existed as it completely baffles me.  I am a trained Graphic designer but was trained pre-computers - soooo out of date.  The trouble is that it takes so much time!  I would like to get the cards printed soon also business cards or even better postcards.  Time, time, time is needed!

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