Friday, 15 June 2012

Learn to walk before I can run

Eventually I would like to earn some kind of living from my artwork.  I currently work two days a week as a child minder and one day in an office. My child minding career finishes towards the end of July.  From that time onwards my funds will be less but time will be greater to devote to my creative work.  This has been the plan and goal.  Its now or never to do what I truly love as a living! At the moment it sometimes feels as if I'm not getting anywhere, just an endless rush to complete creative work in between jobs, family and household work.  I have to stop and remember that at the moment I'm doing all the ground work for this time.  Doing website, facebook, twitter promotion takes time away from the creative time but it is all necessary.  This week I have been busy doing personalized cards for friends and family. This of course has taken time away from the promotion side.  Hard to balance it.

But on the bright side another commission is in the pipeline which is great.  Also an interest from East End Prints in Shoreditch that I have to follow up.  So really its all going well, I just have to remind myself of this and learn not to run before I can walk!

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