Monday, 9 January 2012

Slow Progress

Well Mr Stag is coming on just fine but taking much longer than expected which is kinda a good test for me. I need to overcome my terrible habit of getting bored with anything that takes longer than a couple of days. I want to try and stick to something and finish it, instead of having a load of unfinished things on the go. 
I have had some other projects going on, Ava's birthday party invite that had to be done as only two weeks to go until the party day. It went rather well, all finished in an afternoon. I'm really happy with the design. 

Next job to be done is a curtain for Izi's bedroom door which has a small window in it. I picked up some beautiful fabric in the sale at John Lewis, isn't it gorgeous. The colour, the bird, the tree all lovely. It would make a rather cool skirt but no, curtain it must be!

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